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Business Transformation Consultant 

Business Transformation Consultant 

Business Transformation Consultant 

Your business is likely to go through change, either organic growth or growth through the purchase of another business. This puts considerable strain on the whole organisation, but a business transformation consultant can help make any transition smoother. 
Reducing the impact through reviewing the people structure and creating a platform for growth is often liberating for MDs in this situation. The people transfer process is also a requirement for this type of business deal, which HR Download is skilled to support, as part of the business transformation work, and one that I am skilled to support as a business transformation consultant. 

When Do You Need A Business Transformation Consultant? 

When there’s a big change, from acquiring or merging with a business, or selling part of yours, it means you need a big pivot and change of direction to adapt. A business transformation consultant can help with this and provide the strategic support you need. This minimises the risk involved. 
What you don’t want is to lose important, credible people where it can be avoided, or see a stall on workflow and momentum. We can help you understand all the implications of your new direction, reviewing from top to bottom what’s in place, what challenges you’ll face and make sure everything is in place – or can be put in place – to manage the transition. 
In certain situations, it is necessary to close sites, reduce team size, or change terms and conditions of employment (the contracts) to ensure the survival of your company and position it better for the future. We offer a HR consulting service that supports you in creating the plans and training you and your leadership teams to deal with those challenging implementations. 

What Can You Expect From A Business Transformation Consultant? 

When there’s a significant change to your business, whether it’s from selling part of your business or acquiring or merging with a business, there’s a lot to keep in mind, such as TUPE regulations. This stands for Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment), and can add new complications that a business transformation consultant can help you navigate. 
It goes further than this, however. There’s no reason to get disheartened when predictions or expectations don’t come to pass, as we can help you prepare and plan for different situations. This involves the right cultural integration and creating strong, appropriate plans for leadership, and holding them accountable for their implementation. 

Interested In A Business Transformation Consultant? 

To find out more about what a business transformation consultant does and how they can help your organisation, get in touch today. 
We offer both Retained HR Support and Ad-hoc HR Support. 
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