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Executive Coaching 

Executive Coaching 

Getting you to do things you didn’t realise you were capable of is a source of great joy. We do this through executive coaching, focusing on ways we can stoke the fire that drives you and realise the potential that’s sitting there untapped. Sometimes you can get stuck in a rut or lose your passion. If you feel like this, or see your team feeling like this, know you’re not alone – and we can support you in rediscovering your drive and taking charge. We don’t let the dreams you had as a child or the vision you have for your company fade away! 
There is nothing more delightful than enabling the people we work with to thrive. 

Why Is Executive Coaching Useful? 

These blocks can affect anyone and will stop you from enjoying your work. The techniques and processes covered with executive coaching will help you get around those and keep you driven to succeed in everything you do. 
Just as importantly, however, you can use these tools to help your team do the same thing. If you notice people struggling to stay motivated, or losing interest in what they’re doing, you can step up and support them in finding their passion. This makes you a better leader and a good example for workers who want to progress in their own careers, too. 
Encouraging others to do more can bring great results, but it’s also important for their development, too. That makes executive coaching a win-win. You’ll learn how to make sure everyone gets the attention and treatment they deserve. 

How Does Executive Coaching Work? 

We draw on a ten-year track record to coach both established and emerging leaders, identify their purpose, and thrive personally and professionally. This translates into business performance. 
We are a no-nonsense coach. It’s hard but rewarding work for my clients. We love nothing more than getting you to do things you didn’t realise you were capable of. It’s easy to fall into a repetitive pattern when you’re not challenged, and we will show you how to keep pushing yourself as well as the people you work with. This makes a more stimulating environment for everyone. 

Find Out More About Executive Coaching 

Executive coaching is a great way to unlock the potential you have but didn’t realise. We are capable of more than we know, but it’s only with the right encouragement and situations that we can push past our comfort zones and realise what’s within our capabilities. 
This HR service for small and medium-sized companies in Manchester and Cheshire and the session is between 90 – 120 minutes. If you’d like more information about executive coaching, contact me and we’ll talk about what we can do to help. 
We offer both Retained HR Support and Ad-hoc HR Support. 
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