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HR Training 

HR Training 

Throughout our careers, we look to those in leadership positions to guide us and our career, learning from those people and what made them successful in getting to the places we ourselves want to be, and the right HR training can help. 
We are firm believers that leaders aren’t born, they’re made. 

HR Training 

The HR training from HR Download is a combination of leadership and HR, teaching you what you need to know and how to handle those working for you in different capacities. There are different courses available to suit the various stages and levels of leadership for retained clients. 
Frontline Manager Leadership Course. 
How To Manage Managers. 
Functional Leader Leadership Course. 
How To Be A CEO/MD. 

Frontline Manager Leadership Course 

The Frontline Manager Leadership Course is either a 10-month modular programme or a two-day event. The modular training will also have an accountability section reviewing progress against the leadership framework for the delegates at the start of each module. 

Course Outline 

What is a frontline manager and what skills are required, where time should be spent, what they should be valuing, what skills they need to deliver, what good and exceptional look like. 
Selection of non-managerial candidates. 
Job design, workflow and objectives (performance monitoring and coaching team members, looking at the standards for of full performance and of exceptional performance). 
5. Coaching and feedback. 
6. How to review workflow, performance and workload, including the acquisition of resources. 
7. Preventing bullying and harassment – setting the right climate. 
8. Mock investigation. 
9. Mock disciplinary. 
10. Mock absence. 

Time Investment 

Each module will consist of 45-minutes of content delivery and 60-minutes of active participation for the delegates. 

Find Out More About HR Training 

The HR training we offer ensures you have the skills to lead teams and employees in the best way, letting you be the role model you wanted during your career. You’ll also be more efficient and better equipped to handle any situation you come across. 
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