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About Us 

HR Support and HR Consulting Services 

HR consultant Meg Fenney, founder and CEO of HR Download, has over 20 years’ experience in HR. Meg is a fun-loving mum and wife, who has a passion for helping leaders realise their potential and do what they didn’t realise they were capable of doing. 
Meg has a natural flair for creating people strategies that deliver strong, profitable growth for clients, and brings her dynamic, progressive stance to the heart of HR Download’s approach. With a real passion for providing high-end HR support solutions at affordable prices, Meg believes that everyone should be able to enjoy their work. 
Meg founded HR Download in 2019, having previously worked for companies including the NHS, Shell, HM Prison Service, MAG, Air Products, and Elior, providing her with a broad range of experience that gives her a unique perspective and invaluable commercial awareness. 

Our HR Support Solutions 

“Delivering excellent, consistent managerial advice at exactly the right time has long been a challenge for the HR community, and is an issue I grappled with as a HR director. I’d often find that my team were busy in meetings when managers needed them, team members felt managers needed more help, and budget constraints meant we couldn’t hire more HR support. 
That’s when the HR support solution and delivery mode came to me. HR Download ensures you get high-quality tuition exactly when you need it, so you can develop at your pace and by your rules, at a consistent pace for all. 
“Become a confident manager with our HR support services, which are designed to ensure your team are engaged and not distracted by office politics or gossip. By being clear, consistent, transparent, and above all fair and supportive to the whole team, these distractions are removed. This clarity helps your team know what’s expected of them and allows them to focus on what you want them to, not what you don’t. 
“Valuing people is a powerful way of improving motivation and creating positive people experiences; this enables freedom to do great work, and drive profits. Aligning your people strategy to your business strategy and values is vital for achieving this, so take the time to understand that what you do is the foundation of our approach. 
“HR Download gets to know your business both personally and statistically, generating a data-based people strategy that yields real results. Technology is used to help further develop leadership capabilities within your organisation. All of this allows HR Download to help leaders create vibrant places to work.” 
– Meg Fenney, HR Download founder and CEO 

Our Mission 

We believe everyone should enjoy their work. With our HR consulting services, we work hard to meet our clients where they are to develop a realistic journey for their development. 
Success means that our clients have a vibrant, profitable workplace, where people can thrive and grow without constraint. 
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